It's simple-Kids Clean Salisbury Beach (KCSB) one-bucket-at-a-time for all residents, guests, businesses, wild life; for everyone.  Salisbury Beach is the Massachusetts Jewel of the North Shore.  It's beautiful coastline of soft, white sand stretches approximately 5 miles, but like most state/public beaches, it has a bit of a trash problem.

What's Polluting our Beach's:

1) Cigarettes and filters- 3,216,991
​2) Plastic bags- 1,377,141
3) Food wrappers and containers- 942,620
4) Caps and lids- 937,804
5) Plastic bottles- 714,892
6) Paper bags- 530,607
7) Straws and stirrers- 509,593
8) Cups, plates, forks, knives, and spoons- 441,053
9) Glass bottles- 434,990
10) Drink cans- 401,412  © 2009 CBS Interactive Inc. All Rights Reserved.  The Associated Press contributed to this report.


Our Sponsor:


The Home Depot in Danvers provides these Orange Buckets to help maintain Salisbury Beach!


Our Plan:

Salisbury Beach encourages a "carry-in, carry-out" policy, meaning each beach-goer is responsible for cleaning up whatever they bring onto the beach. Unfortunately, many people do not take this policy as seriously as they should, so we have set out to create the KCSB to clean up the mess!  We will recruit kids and teens who live on or near Salisbury Beach to become passionately involved with our project.  The Home Depot* of Danvers, Massachusetts has generously donated orange buckets to assist in our clean-up effort.  The buckets are your membership ID.    We will go around asking kids and teens who have an interest/passion in keeping our beach/home clean, and when we find someone who is interested in participating, we will give them a bucket to use for trash collection.  We recommend members walk the beach daily or weekly (whatever you have time for) with their bucket in-hand and collect trash.  Each kid should report the amount collected and add to our blog for data.  When the bucket is full, please add to your weekly trash pick-up and DO NOT forget to recycle, please.  Thank you!
-Samantha and Jordan Beck


Safety First-Always wear gloves and shoes when collecting trash for Kids Clean Salisbury Beach (KCSB).

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Why isn't more Waste Recycled?


Katie Beck loves a clean beach!