About Us



Our History:

Our founders, Samantha Beck and Jordan Beck are students at this time. Samantha is going to be a senior at The Ohio State University with a targeted Medical School track. Jordan is going to be a sophomore at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst, pursuing a degree in Finance and Political Science, with a goal of attending Law School  They've summered at Salisbury Beach since 2006 and have had an interest in keeping it clean from day one. Since buying their home on Salisbury Beach, their father, Rich, set out each morning with a bucket to clean the beach, and after spending just 10 minutes picking up trash, he returned home with a full bucket. Since 2011, the two girls and their father have been planning a way to spread their passion for keeping the beach clean to others, and so they created KCSB. Samantha and Jordan officially publicized KCSB (Kid's Clean Salisbury Beach) in 2013, finally gaining local support and public recognition. Rich inspired his daughters to create KCSB, and now their mission is to inspire other kids and teens the way he inspired his daughters.


Why WE use Plastic Buckets:

Our plastic buckets are reusable and can be recycled.  Plastic bags to pick up trash causes more trash!

We can use our bright orange The Home Depot* buckets over and over and over and over.  Thank you for considering the environment when supporting our cause.



Safety First-Always wear gloves and shoes when collecting trash for Kids Clean Salisbury Beach (KCSB).  
Thanks for your support.  


Why isn't more Waste Recycled?